Anne-marie Griffin, Empowerment Coach 

LOVE, FREEDOM, AUTHENTICITY and PURPOSE: These words are what I'm ALL about!!

To live a truly happy, healthy and fulfilled life we need to be abundantly loving to ourselves, fully standing in the truth of who we are, free from the expectations of society, family, and even employers to tap in and truly find our purpose!! That is when we are able to discover TRUE happiness, because it comes from within. 

After 10 years in the Fashion and Corporate world, having personally experienced the wake up calls of cancer and corporate burn out, I am now an Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Personal Development facilitator, working to support and educate people to take back control of their lives, and live to their fullest potential. 

I know how important this work is, because it's exactly what shifted ME out of the ineffective spiral of losing myself, and my health, to the demands of the world around me. 

I know from first hand experience what it means to hit rock bottom, and work my way back up. My experiences of cancer and chronic illness, and rebuilding a life around health & vitality, are what drive my ability to support and empower others to do the same.  

I work with everyone from cancer patients and survivors, Entrepeneurs to CEO's, Moms and Women of all ages to live in their truest potential and reconnect with their vitality. 

Combining 10 years experience in the corporate world with complementary therapies, new age philosophies and traditional coaching techniques, I support and empower people in all aspects of their lives to get unstuck and see life through a new lense. 

Discover how to master your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing Magnify your health and happiness Build confidence and empowerment in all areas of your life Uncover your Purpose Break down limiting beliefs Reignite relationships Overcome grief and trauma Gain tools and tips for navigating the life you deserve 

Are you ready for better and know now is YOUR time?? 

Are you ready to rise but don't know where to start?  

✔ Feel exhausted or burnt out?

✔ Are you living with or recovering fom a chronic illness or cancer?

✔ Have you suffered a traumatic life event?

✔ Feeling stuck or struggling to find direction?  

✔ Do you know there's more to life and just don't know how to get it?

✔ Do you have dreams and ambitions but life 'gets in the way'?

✔ Had enough of playing small and ready to go BIG with this life of yours?

If any of these are YOU and now is your time, contact us to find out more about Coaching and Programmes

Are you ready to find out what you are made of and take life to the next level?

My next FOUR week GROUP COACHING programme RISE and THRIVE starts April 6th!

  • Discover who you are and what you are capable of 
  • Scale up in all areas of your life (Relationships, Love, Business, Career, Health)
  • Learn the tools and secrets of those already thriving with weekly trainings, coaching and guest coaches
  • Create fulfillment, more Fun and Happiness in your life
  • Connect with a group of other amazing go getters also ready to take life to the next level! 

If you are ready then join me and a community of other go getters for this Intensive, Interactive and Inspiring programme!!

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I offer a series of Inspirational Corporate and Community talks, and speak to businesses and groups of all sizes. 

I recognise that today, more than ever, with a huge rate of chronic illness and burnout, businesses are calling out for ways to support their people's Health & Wellbeing, and personal growth- because when our people are THRIVING, our company THRIVES. 

During these talks, I share my journey From Cancer and Corporate Burn out to True Vitality- which includes mindset strategies, practices that can be applied to instantly boost vitality and well-beng, and leadership principles that have guided a more effective and powerful outlook on life.  

After years of exploring various physical, emotional and metaphysical techniques, and working in a number of businesses as a Corporate Leadership Development Coach and Wellness Consltant, I have found the secrets to wellbeing, happiness and resilience. 

Through sharing informative, inspiring (and at times hysterical) insights and tools with my audience, I truly know that we are all meant to THRIVE in the fast paced world we work and live in! 

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What Others are Saying 

Hear from the people who have worked with Anne-marie 

"Annemarie is truly a gem! Not only does she really KNOW HER STUFF, but she approaches health and wellness with a down-to-earth, open-hearted feel. When I got pregnant I was looking to "clean up" my life as much as possible, and although I would've considered myself extremely healthy and knowledgeable about nutrition and chemicals, she took my understanding to a whole new level! I'm forever grateful for her support!"

-Alexi Panos - Coach, Author, Humanitarian

"Anne-marie is truly one of a kind. She has brought SO MUCH value to my life in such a short amount of time. Such a kind, heart centred lady that is always willing to support. I love her simplified style when it comes to explaining complicated life lessons in a way that resonates and therefore generates massive clarity. I HIGHLY recommend her"

-Martika Truchon - Social Media Manager for Game Changers

"Anne-marie is raw, authentic and wise. She has a light generous energy along with focus and intent. She is trustworthy to handle any of your needs with a nurturing strength to catapult you forward"

-Alisha Smith - 'Mindfullness Coach for Mommas'

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